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The 14th World Stroke Congress (WSC 2022) was held in Singapore while the pandemic was still ongoing, but the hybrid event was well attended by both on-site and virtual participants in equal numbers

Event brief
The motto of the WSC 2022 was One Voice for Stroke, while the event was titled Uniting Voices Against Stroke: The Success of the Hybrid World Stroke Congress 2022. The event sought to bring together stroke specialists and advocates from around the world to discuss the latest advancements in stroke research and treatment.

As some countries were still experiencing travel restrictions, WSC 2022 offered both a full in-person meeting in Singapore and a limited online event.

Managed by Kenes Group, the programme was structured to allow for greater interaction, discussion, learning and networking opportunities.

Event highlights
This was the first time the congress was being held in South-east Asia and it was returning to Asia after six years.

One standout feature of the congress was the Stroke Exchange Forum, a platform that facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experiences between stroke advocates in South and South-east Asia. This forum was instrumental in fostering a sense of unity and collaboration among the participants.

The congress also commemorated World Stroke Day in Singapore, with key landmarks across the city lit in blue, the colour of stroke awareness. This visual representation of the fight against stroke was a powerful reminder of the collective effort required to combat this global health issue.

In addition, the congress saw the launch of a new WSO Stroke Certification programme in India, with the aim to improve access to quality stroke care in the region, furthering the WSO’s mission of reducing the global burden of stroke.

The congress also featured a Walkathon for Stroke and NCD (non-communicable diseases) Dialogues, which were instrumental in promoting physical activity and fostering discussions on non-communicable diseases, respectively.

Overall, WSC 2022 was not just an event, but a movement that left a tangible legacy in the global fight against stroke, a Kenes Group spokesperson commented.

It emphasised the importance of unity, collaboration, and innovation in overcoming challenges and moving forward, she said.

Organising and marketing the event during the pandemic posed significant challenges, including the high cost of airfares, venue availability and Singapore hotel rates.

Kenes Group successfully navigated these challenges by offering a hybrid event model, allowing participants who could not attend in person due to travel restrictions or health concerns to participate virtually.

The spokesperson noted: “The congress offered a unique Singapore and online experience, ensuring that those who could not travel due to country-specific restrictions or other reasons could still participate and benefit from a selection of live-streamed sessions.

“This approach not only ensured the safety of all participants but also made the event more accessible to a global audience. The pricing for the event was strategically designed to accommodate both onsite and virtual participants, ensuring the event’s financial viability while maintaining its inclusivity,” she added.

Event 14th WSO and The World Stroke Congress
Organiser World Stroke Organization
Venue Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre
Dates October 26-29, 2022
Attendees 2,024 on-site and 2,420 virtually

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