Embrace summer at The Calyx

The Calyx will be transforming cocktails with branded ice

Event venue The Calyx, located in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, has launched its summer F&B offerings, which include cocktails with native ingredients, a caviar bar, and soft-serve ice cream.

Homegrown herbs and spices from the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney will feature in the new summer drinks selection. Guests will choose from an adaptation of a firm favourite – the Wattleseed Espresso Martini – a coffee cocktail infused with the rich, nutty flavour of native Australian wattleseed; and a zesty Finger Lime and River Mint Mojito – a sweet and refreshing mix of flavours, perfect for warm evening cocktail parties.

The Calyx will be transforming cocktails with branded ice

The Calyx will also introduce a caviar bar, and highlight the delicacy with fries, chocolate dishes, and alongside a crisp glass of champagne.

The following summer treat available at The Calyx will be transforming cocktails with pretty ice. Crafting ice in fun-shaped moulds, organisers can request ingredients such as edible glitter or frozen fruit – whipping up eye-catching ice that can showcase company colours and themes.

Finally, The Calyx will reimagine the classic soft-serve ice cream. Beyond the quintessential vanilla, The Calyx will tantalise with an assortment of flavours ranging from exotic fruits to unexpected savoury elements in every creamy swirl.

In addition to the F&B options, the team at The Calyx is bringing to life summer theming with a complete venue experience.

Astrid Renigeris, sales manager at the Calyx, said: “We’re seeing lots of demand from businesses wanting to incorporate natural elements and biophilic design principles in their events for summer, with earthy colour schemes and organic ambiences.

“Eco-friendly and sustainable styling choices are in high demand including re-usable fruit and vegetables, upcycled and recycled materials and environmentally friendly decorations.

“The Calyx, is very well placed to be able to offer this type of adaptation for our guests being situated in Sydney’s city garden.”

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