Collective cadence

Vietnam Events Group (VEG) has been designing and delivering top-notch experiential events in Vietnam since launching in 2016, with its team core to operations.

“Our vision is to create a creative ecosystem and development of Vietnam’s event industry,” said CEO Bill Nguyen.

VEG’s team of 25 permanent staff and more than 50 freelancers curate a range of events spanning music festivals, major conferences, gala dinners and corporate events. These include the Honda Youth Festival 2021, with more than 150,000 attendees across four events, and Southeast Asia Futsal Football Tournament 2019.

“We believe a great event will provide audiences with impact, emotion and connection. If we can execute with excellence, we can help clients make more effective connections with guests,” Nguyen added.

To keep his team motivated, Nguyen created a VEG Football Team Culture, which promotes team spirit and clear communication. This, he said, helps teammates perform to the best of their abilities, and be able to share their opinions freely.

In addition, the company operates a Recognise and Reward scheme that rewards achievements such as the winning of event pitches.

We also encourage feedback, and provide team members with the space to come up with new ideas and solutions, which can lead to more exciting and successful events,” Nguyen said.

To remain ahead in an increasingly competitive environment, VEG stays on top of industry news, especially about new technologies, products and services. VEG also holds weekly research and development sessions to update each other on any advancements in the sector.

“I recommend encouraging experimentation and innovation within any agency,” he added. “Also, allocate time for brainstorming sessions, where the team can explore new ideas and concepts to incorporate into events.”

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