Learn the art of block printing with Khushbu

Print on your own tote bag or tea towel

The Khushbu Project started in 2011 as an educational programme to serve migrant women and their families in an urban village within the megacity of New Delhi.

What started as literacy training quickly expanded to include jewellery making, self-help savings groups, forums on social justice, and after-school tutoring for children. These activities enabled women and their children to learn new skills, develop social support, and understand basic human rights.

Print on your own tote bag or tea towel

To support its various activities, the socially responsible business runs two-hour-long block-printing workshops guided by its master artisans.

Suitable for corporates, each workshop can hold up to eight people in one session, and costs 2,800 Indian rupees (US$33.60) per person. Participants will get to choose the block printing design they like, and at the end of the day, they will take home a tote bag and two tea towels at the end of the day.

Aside from providing classes, Khushbu also takes in corporate orders, all handmade with great care. Materials are sourced from surplus or upcycled shops, so that the excess of others does not end up in landfills, and they aim to become a low-waste manufacturing centre over the next five years.

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