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Bangkok’s IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center successfully hosts a transformative Hindu congress aimed at fostering unity and understanding among attendees

Event brief
Organised by the World Hindu Foundation, the third edition of the World Hindu Congress 2023 was held in Bangkok’s IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center from November 24-26, 2023.

The three-day congress was themed Jayasya Aayatnam Dharmah, which translates into English as “Dharma, the Abode of Victory.

This quadrennial congress welcomed more than 3,000 delegates from 70 countries, and sought to bolster connections through various sessions and thematic conferences among Hindus from all around the globe.

In 2014, the inaugural World Hindu Congress took place in New Delhi, before moving to Chicago in 2018. After Bangkok, the congress will take place again in Mumbai in 2026.

Event highlights
The World Hindu Congress 2023 served as a platform for delegates to openly discuss issues related to educational crisis, political instability, and commerce affecting the Hindu diaspora. Challenges faced by the Hindus across the world were also addressed.

Delegates came from all walks of life, ranging from Hindu politicians and economists, to Hindu activists and thought leaders, all of whom converged to network face-to-face and share their knowledge in the hopes of leading the Hindu community forward.

Prominent attendees from the Hindu community who attended include Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister Shri Yogi Adityanath as guest of honour, and Rahul Kumar, the first Indian-origin man to win a city parliamentary election in Germany.

For delegates, the presence of the hugging saint Amma, also known as Mata Amritanandamayi, was a highlight. Considered a living god, followers believe that the Hindu guru can take one’s pains and troubles away with a hug. Throughout the three-day conference, more than 500 people lined up to obtain a hug and a gift from her.

The venue’s F&B team had to accommodate the delegate’s dietary requirements, where most were vegetarians, while a few requested Halal meals.

Ensuring food safety was paramount, and as delegates wanted to be aware of what was in the dishes, all ingredients were listed on a tent card. Lunch and dinner were served buffet-style.

To be more sustainable, no chair covers or tablecloths were used, while plastic straws were only provided upon request. The venue’s air conditioning was set at 25°C.

The operations staff also rolled up their sleeves to provide 24-hour security coverage, especially for VIP guests. The venue’s team also worked alongside the local police precinct and private security forces to ensure the congress ran smoothly.

Event World Hindu Congress 2023
Organiser IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
Venue IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center
Date November 24-26, 2023
Attendance More than 3,000 delegates from 70 Countries

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