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The 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar is a five-day international experience held a few times a year to reward the company’s top performers, and this year, two cities in New Zealand were chosen to deliver the wow factor

Event brief
Around 10,000 top Amway China performers were treated to an extensive programme of events and excursions which rewarded exceptional performance and elevated brand allegiance. The massive delegation was flown to New Zealand in 12 waves over two months from October 9 to December 5, 2023, visiting Auckland and Queenstown for five days.

Encore Event Technologies produced sessions and the gala night for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar, while the Auckland Convention Group and Queenstown Convention Bureau managed both the pre-event activities and local tourist attractions.

This bid win saw visitors filling 20,000 hotel nights in Queenstown and Auckland, funnelling an estimated NZ$40 million (US$25 million) into the economy.

Event highlights
Encore dedicated its heavyweight creative, production and technology expertise to deliver a brand-defining set of moments that matter. These included leadership sessions, cocktail receptions and 15 gala dinners with main show performances – embracing the organisation’s values and the best of New Zealand.

The highlight of the event was the stunning final gala night dinner which was staged 15 times for groups of approximately 600 per event. Held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and Queenstown Ice Arena, the galas – which took a year to plan – treated guests to a spectacular night full of technological wizardry and heart-pumping entertainment.

A wide range of innovative technologies were used with panoramic scenes of New Zealand’s natural wonders played across a 3D-mapped 180-degree projection screen via 80 table projectors. Snow machines, special effects and multi-sensory interactive displays of earth, water, fire and air also dazzled guests. In total, more than 600 hours of custom motion design content were created across the two locations.

During the meal service, the room underwent a dramatic transformation with lava projections oozing over the stage, creating an impressive backdrop for performers, Strings of Fire, who combined pyrotechnics and acrobatic stunts to music setting the stage ablaze.

Entertainment included trio JGEEKS who combined traditional Māori moves with modern dance techniques and humour, C-Pop singer Laurence Larson, and multimedia performers Vosper Tron. Throughout the evening, care was taken to ensure the performances and scenography intertwined to reinforce Amway values of harmony, wonder and partnership.

Undertaking 15 gala shows for around 600 people at one time was no easy feat. Requiring around 12 months of planning, the massive events took up more than 6,000 work hours to put up 155m2 LED screens, 15 20K projectors, 80 table projectors, eight curved screen projectors, four floor projectors, six semi-trailers hauling equipment, and an ice rink.

Held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and Queenstown Ice Arena the galas, Encore was determined to bring the wow factor to the events using L-Acoustics L2D Loudspeakers as a key component. Encore is the only company in Asia Pacific to have used the new speakers outside of the global pilot programme.

“These aren’t your everyday speakers, they’re arguably one of the finest on the market,” said Encore’s director of innovation and technology, Daniel Lourenco. “We flew the speakers in from France, which was no easy feat, however, it was worth it to produce something incredible. These speakers reduce the amount of set up time and give greater horizontal dispersion at the front of the stage resulting in a sound quality that gives you goosebumps.”

“We haven’t done anything along this type of volume before,” said Andrew Priddle, Encore’s national head of production. “Logistically it’s been the biggest undertaking for us, and the sheer amount of rigging was a real challenge at times and ultimately a true accomplishment.”

The result of this was that delegates in Queenstown were treated to an incredible display on ice complete with a 3D-mapped “ice mountain”. Skater performers also wore 3D tracking beacons all driven by Disguise software – a real-time 3D simulator and media server that integrates traditional lighting fixtures, LED screens and projection surfaces.

“We used real-time generated tracking content using Notch and Zactrack automated follow-system, for video and lighting tracking of five skaters simultaneously. You’d see skaters followed by a visual trail of butterflies or fish which was stunning,” explained Priddle.

Scott Nodsle, Encore’s managing director of Asia Pacific, added: “Events can be a catalyst for change, whether it’s inspiring new ideas, fostering meaningful connections, or driving positive transformation within an organisation. Rewarding high performers beyond cash bonuses with an experience is invaluable. Colleagues having the time of their life with like minds is a proven motivator that enriches brand allegiance and we’re thrilled that this seminar was such a memorable success.”

Event 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar
Organiser Encore Event Technologies, Auckland Convention Group, Queenstown Convention Bureau
Venue Gala nights – Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland, Queenstown Ice Arena
Dates October 9, 2023, to December 5, 2023
Attendance 10,000

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