CWT enhances traveller messaging support with GenAI

CWT travellers can have an unscripted conversation with a GenAI-enabled virtual assistant

CWT has improved traveller messaging interactions on its myCWT platform with generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) capabilities powered by Azure OpenAI.

Travellers seeking assistance via the messaging service channel on the myCWT web and mobile apps will now engage in unscripted conversation with a GenAI-enabled virtual assistant. When the virtual assistant is unable to help, it will seamlessly over to a travel counsellor.

Travellers can have an unscripted conversation with a GenAI-enabled virtual assistant

Following a pilot run with a small group of early adopters, the enhanced messaging service has now been rolled out to customers in 56 countries, achieving traveller satisfaction scores of over 90 per cent.

“We see immense potential in using generative AI across our products and services to benefit our customers… GenAI will speed up our ability to automate conversations in a powerful way, significantly reducing response times and allowing our travel counsellors to focus on more complex customer needs,” said Erica Antony, CWT’s chief product officer.

In the coming months, CWT will start using GenAI for live language translations in its messaging service, allowing travellers to quickly and easily access support in their preferred language. It is also looking to boost its virtual assistant’s ability to better understand each customer’s unique preferences, previous travel patterns, and specific business requirements, offering a fully personalised and intelligent experience.

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