Easier ride for MICE delegates in South East Queensland

Tram plying Gold Coast’s G:Link network

SOUTH East Queensland is trialling Australia’s first public transport travel card tailored to the MICE market.

The go access Corporate Events card, an initiative of Translink in Queensland’s Department of Transport, costs A$12 (US$8.95) for three days of unlimited travel on buses, trains and ferries throughout the South East, as well as on the Gold Coast’s G:Link tram network.

Speaking to TTGmice at the This is Gold Coast Business Exchange last week, Translink’s senior advisor new business and product development, George Chemali, said: “What we found from surveys over 18 months was that (the card) was something the industry was crying out for.”

Chemali added: “It means that a delegate can get on at any mode of transport and travel anywhere in South East Queensland and not have to worry about a deposit, topping up or understanding zones.

“We’ve had (representatives) from other states (in Australia) say they wish their transport authority would take a leaf out of our book.”

Shannon Thwaites, manager, Gold Coast Business Events, said the card provided a seamless public transport mode for delegates with significant savings.

“The card has also enabled delegates to choose from a wider selection of accommodation venues, with so many conveniently located in close proximity to the light rail corridor,” she said.

The go access Corporate Events can only be purchased for events with 50 delegates or more.

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