More Canada-Thailand flights on the horizon with broadened pact

Canada’s Ministry of Transport has announced that the country’s air transport agreement with Thailand will be modernised and expanded for the first time since 1989.

On top of removing the limit on the number of Canadian and Thai airlines serving any city in both countries, the refreshed agreement will also allow each country 21 flights per week to the other and afford fifth freedom rights on up to seven of the 21 flights.

The widened agreement also enhances existing codeshare rights and modernises aviation safety and ‎security articles as well as business provisions.

“An expanded agreement with a growing international air transport market like Thailand not only benefits our air sector, but also Canadian businesses, shippers and travellers who will now have more options,” said minister of transport Marc Garneau.

Thailand was Canada’s 29th largest air travel market in 2016, and the 100th partner country that Canada has negotiated with under the Blue Sky Policy, which encourages long-term, sustainable competition and the development of international air services.

Pending the completion of formal ratification procedures, the agreement is being applied on an administrative basis to allow carriers to begin planning new air services immediately.


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