Kuala Lumpur Night Walk

Kuala Lumpur Nigh Walk

The Kuala Lumpur Night Walk was introduced in September 2016 by the Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau as a means of sharing the diverse cultural, heritage and historical treasures in the capital city.

Lasting 2.5 hours, the free walk is run by experienced guides every Saturday, provided it does not rain. The 2km route is suitable for all fitness levels and there are stops in between.

Concept Registration begins at 18.30 at Arch Café, Pacific Express Hotel. The walk itself starts at 18.45 from the Old Market Square, and ends at Independence Square.

Prior to the walk, the guide on duty – my guide that evening was Shirley Wong – will give out a pamphlet which depicts the route map, and a short description of landmarks and historical buildings.

Wong brought along with her black and white photographs depicting what the city used to look like in the 19th century, as well as images of renowned leaders of the era such as Yap Ah Loy, the third kapitan China of Kuala Lumpur, and Frank Swettenham, the resident general of the Federated Malay States.
For instance, I learnt that Pacific Express Hotel was where Yap’s house used to stand. Wong also showed our group images of what the house – which stretched all the way to the riverbank – looked like back then.

In addition, she also had a laser pointer, which made it easy for the dozen of us to see the building elements she was referring to such as the Neoclassical facades and Art Deco architecture.

Kuala Lumpur Nigh Walk

MICE application Private tours for groups can be arranged in advance by contacting the bureau.

In such cases, tours will not be limited to Saturdays, and will be dependent on the group’s arrangement. Organisers can also customise tours by highlighting certain aspects, such as showcasing the local nightlife, learning about the lifestyles of the traders, speaking to shop owners who have run the same business for generations, and sampling the local cuisine.
If the group size is larger than 15, the group can be split into smaller groups with a tour guide each.

The tour can end with a late dinner or supper at one of the many restaurants in the area.

Service The guided tour was a marvellous experience. I have lived in the city all my life, but I learnt so much about Kuala Lumpur that evening. Pictures of the city in the 19th century was also an eye-opener, offering a window into how much progress Malaysia has made since then.

Email: pelancongan@dbkl.gov.my
Tel: (60-3) 2698-0332

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