ACC to offer a healthier menu for delegates

Robertson heads a team of 75 kitchen staff at ACC

The Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) will unveil its latest innovation on July 1, 2018, in the form of a fresh new menu, Honest Goodness.

Developed in collaboration with leading nutritional experts from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), the University of Adelaide, and CSIRO, Health and Biosecurity, the new menu will help transform the convention centre’s dining experience, placing emphasis on minimal intervention foods and conscious reduction of salts, sugars and preservatives.

Robertson heads a team of 75 kitchen staff at ACC

Designed with good nutrition in mind, Honest Goodness was created by the ACC’s executive chef Gavin Robertson in consultation with professor Gary Wittert of SAHMRI / University of Adelaide, and Pennie Taylor of CSIRO’s Health and Biosecurity unit.

To deliver on this commitment, Robertson and his team have reduced salts by replacing them with rubs and spices and swapped out sugar-laden drinks for house-made ice teas and fruit-infused waters. There’s also a strong focus on ‘preservative free’. Instead of using ingredients featuring nitrates, synthetic food preservatives or other additives, Honest Goodness uses natural rubs and house-made marinades to enhance flavour. In addition, cured and processed meats, which are traditionally high in nitrates, have been exchanged for in-house smoked and roasted meats.

Beyond its focus on minimal intervention foods, other features ACC’s new menu include:

  • Sensible Fats: Processed and manufactured fats and related substitutes have been replaced with natural animal and plant-based fats to create more balanced dishes, free from preservatives.
  • Low sugar and sodium: Honest Goodness focuses on the conscious reduction of refined white sugars, salts and processed sauces and dressings. As an example, ingredients with traditionally high sugar volume have been replaced with house-made chutneys, sauces and dressings with lower sugar levels.
  • A Taste of South Australia: Honest Goodness reflects the ACC’s ongoing commitment to sourcing food from local, sustainable environments. 97 per cent of produce used by the venue is sourced from South Australia.
  • House-made: The ACC’s in-house chefs are actively involved in preparing all dishes served at the Centre. Chef Gavin has worked closely with artisan producers – from cheesemakers to bakers, butchers and fishermen – to ensure any outsourced ingredients have been prepared in keeping with the Centre’s Honest Goodness philosophy.
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