Newly-formed MSAE seeks AMC


The newly formed Malaysian Society of Association Executives (MSAE) is looking for an association management company (AMC) that is willing to run it in exchange for access to MSAE’s connections.

MSAE president Zaliha Omar said: “We don’t have the means to pay for an AMC, so we are looking for one that is willing to do it for free. In return, we will connect them with associations that wish to organise meetings, workshops, teaching sessions and conferences.”

Zaliha: this will create a partnership that is beneficial to both parties

Zaliha said the role of the AMC would be to organise a membership drive, create sustainable funding, create activities that will appeal to members, and run the day-to-day operations.

MSAE currently has 23 members from diverse sectors including trade, medical, construction and petroleum associations.

The association was set up in September last year to advance the stature and professionalism of associations in Malaysia through advocacy, education and advisory services. Among its objectives are to promote the profession of association management, to accord networking platform for members, and to conduct educational and training courses to uplift members’ knowledge, skills and standards.

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