Travel industry veteran returns with an event tech company

Singapore industry entrepreneur and pioneer Kenny Goh has made a comeback with the establishment of MICE Neurol, an event technology company that promises to offer solutions based on five verticals, namely registration, data privacy protection, mobile app, engagement – incorporating gamification, live Q&A and feedback – and hardware rental control.

Goh: solutions will support uberisation and gamification concepts

According to Goh, the young company already has a number of government events in the bag.

Concepts such as “uberisation” and “gamification” will feature prominently in MICE Neurol’s solutions.

“Events are all about interaction and our surveys show that gamification is the ice-breaker on steroids and collecting redemptions for being on time, for example, is more fun and interesting for delegates,” he said.

As for the “uberisation” of events, Goh explained that it is the “peer-to-peer” delivery of a bespoke experience. For that to happen a platform is needed and he insists it costs next to nothing, unlike what organisers think.

Goh commented: “Three years ago it would cost about S$10,000 to S$12,000 to create an event app and it would take around two months to work. Now it can be done in six hours and our first client paid S$500 to get a taste.”

What is needed is experience, and a “fully integrated event technology company”, he pointed out.

And with the EU General Data Protection Regulation kicking in a few months back, and Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act, the events industry must get up to speed on what the law states and how data mapping and data proxies work.

Goh said “data transfer agreements” will be part of the event landscape. He also insists the entire event organising and managing process must be integrated and there cannot be many vendors.

“I see the professional organiser who is only an intermediary dying off,” he suggested.

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