Travelport and BCD Travel continue partnership

Travelport has renewed its long-standing partnership with BCD Travel, which will see the duo continue to collaborate on the latter’s digital traveller engagement solution, TripSource.

Travelport and BCD Travel continue to collaborate on Tripsource, a digital traveller engagement solution

A key digital partner for BCD Travel since 2013, Travelport Digital has collaborated with the TMC to develop TripSource and expand upon the platform’s early iteration as an itinerary management app which allows corporate travellers to shop, book, manage policy guidance and stay organised.

The platform also uses real-time messaging capabilities to provide travel updates such as flight delays, gate changes, risk alerts and policy reminders as well as company specific information to offer seamless, well-informed experience for travellers.

TripSource has been downloaded almost 1.5 million times and has an average app store rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.

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