Meetingmax, Aventri complete integration of platforms

Meetingmax and Aventri have completed the integration of both their platforms

Event software companies Meetingmax and Aventri have integrated their room block and event registration platforms, promising clients streamlined processes and greater control.

The integration is between the Meetingmax room block management and Aventri event registration systems.

Meetingmax and Aventri have completed the integration of both their platforms

The integration enables event planners to easily identify attendees who have registered for an event – but not booked a room yet – and encourage them to do so, which will increase in pick-up rate and revenue. In addition, planners no longer need to toggle back and forth between platforms, while real-time data sharing enables them to pull comprehensive reports in seconds that draw on data from both systems.

The Meetingmax/Aventri integration also gives planners greater control over inventory. They can customise the setup so only registered attendees can book within the hotel room block. What’s more, they can allow attendees to only see the sub-blocks designated for them and limit the number of rooms an attendee can book. In this way, the platform ensures all rooms in the block go to the right people.

For attendees, the integration means a smoother experience, where they can go from registering for an event to booking accommodation without needing to enter their information twice. All attendee communication from the system has the same look and feel to avoid confusion and strengthen branding.

The new integrated system is available for both new and existing customers of Meetingmax and Aventri with no additional set-up costs.

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