Borneo Convention Centre Kuching: 10 Years Of Meeting Expectations

With a buzzing line-up of high-profile events and internationally-recognised accolades, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching has cemented its status as a premier convention venue in South-east Asia.

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching Building
The exterior of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching building is inspired by the rainforest trees of Borneo

Sarawak has been gaining momentum as a choice city for business events over the past two years. According to the annual statistics report by the International Congress and Convention Association, Kuching, which is the capital city of Malaysian state of Sarawak, was ranked 28th in the list of Most Preferred Cities For Business Events out of more than 90 cities. In 2017, it was ranked 75th on the same list. 

Contributing to Kuching’s burgeoning reputation as a business events destination are the numerous prolific conferences and events that were held in Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) since its inception in 2009. BCCK, which celebrates its landmark 10th anniversary this year, is the first international purpose-built convention centre in Borneo. The centre hosted more than 1,600 events and welcomed more than two million visitors from around the world over the past decade. 

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching_Asian Television Awards_ Concert
BCCK has hosted international shows such as the 23rd Asian Television Awards

Injecting buzz into Kuching

Some of the major events that BCCK has hosted include the International Energy Week, 17th Continuing Professional Development Series Diabetes Asia Conference and the 23rd Asian Television Awards. This dynamic influx of events have channeled growing tourism revenue and visitorship that have raised the profile of Kuching. Over the past six years, BCCK has generated more than RM266 million (S$86 million), boosting Sarawak’s economy. 

Datuk Hajjah Raziah binti Mahmud-Geneid, BCCK’s chairman, recalled that expectations were high when the convention centre started 10 years ago.

She said: “The entire state of Sarawak was eagerly looking on to see what we could do, and ten years down the road, the results speak for themselves. With our excellent team, support from the government, Board of Borneo Isthmus Development and local stakeholders, we have managed to elevate and showcase Sarawak as a phenomenal business events destination on an international stage.” 

The Great Hall’s banquet set-up

Making an impactful mark on the world map 

Over the years, BCCK has been awarded internationally-recognised quality standard certifications. Tan Sri Datuk Amar Wilson, BCCK’s executive director, said: “Last year, the centre was lauded with the sought-after AIPC Gold Quality Standards Certification, which represents excellence in convention centre management. BCCK is the second convention centre in Asia that is recognised by AIPC, which is a global network of more than 185 leading convention centers in 60 countries.” 

BCCK’s Halal-certified kitchens, including its 120-seat Raintree Restaurant, have received certifications include ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and HACCP, which defines the effective control of food safety.

Having met customers’ satisfaction, BCCK has also received the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification in 2013. Last year, the convention centre was also recognised with its third ISO certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems standard, which recognises environmentally-responsible practices — a nod towards the global sustainability movement.

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching Building
The exterior of the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching building is inspired by the rainforest trees of Borneo

“The entire state of Sarawak was eagerly looking on to see what we could do, and ten years down the road, the results speak for themselves.”

– Datuk Hajjah Raziah binti Mahmud-Geneid, Borneo Convention Centre Kuching chairman 

Innovating beyond a decade

Paying homage to nature, the distinctive architecture of BCCK is inspired by the rainforest trees of Borneo — the rooftop is fashioned after the native ririk leaf. With 7,435 square metre of rentable exhibition hall space, BCCK is one of the largest convention centres in Borneo. Its highlight facilities include the Great Hall that seats up to 5,000 people theatre-style. 

2020 will be a momentous year for BCCK as it will be organising the inaugural Asia Pacific Tourism Expo & Conference, which congregates practitioners and professionals from the tourism and hospitality industry. The venue of the annual conference will alternate between BCCK and other venues in Asia-Pacific.

Eric van Piggelen, BCCK’s chief executive officer, said: “To spark innovative practices and collaborative opportunities, BCCK has set up a new think tank group, which comprises a home-grown team of creative individuals, who endeavour to find fresh solutions to empower the business events industry for the next 10 years and beyond.” 

Borneo Convention Centre Kuching’s key achievements

  1. AIPC Gold Quality Standards Certification 2018
  2. AIPC Apex Award 2018 — Top 17 finalist in the Best Client-Rated Convention Centre category
  3.  rAWr Awards 2017 — International Conference Award for Excellence (Below 1,000 delegates) and Purpose-Built Convention and Exhibition Centre Award for Excellence (Below Gross 15,000sqm of total saleable space)

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