Photo of the day: Marriott runs in support of local communities across APAC

Marriott International held its sixth annual Run to Give charity run across 120 locations involving more than 620 hotels in Asia-Pacific from August through November.

More than US$500,000 was raised in support of longstanding non-profit partners as well as charities from local communities, with the participation of over 52,000 runners and volunteers. The funds raised this year was an increase of US$100,000 from 2018.

Today, Marriott International’s sustainability and social impact programme, Serve 360, is at its two-year mark, and continues to navigate the company towards its 2025 Sustainability and Social Impact Goals.

These annual charity runs have been a step for Marriott towards achieving 3.5 million volunteer hours in Asia-Pacific by 2025, which is one of its Social Impact Goals supporting the priority area Nurture Our World under Serve 360. Up till end of 2018, Marriott has already surpassed the two million volunteer hour mark in the region; the company expects to add at least another 100,000 hours towards this goal with the completion of this year’s Run to Give.

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