Photo of the day: China’s WEINA gifts 3,500 staff with South Korean trip

Earlier this month, South Korea welcomed 3,500 international employees from Shanghai-based multinational retail company WEINA Cosmetic for an incentive trip that featured some of the best sights around Gangwon Province.

To manage the massive movement, participants were split into three groups. All were accommodated at a resort-style hotel in Gangwon, with a star-studded welcome ceremony at the Gangneung Curling Center on December 17. The grand event featured Korean-themed cultural entertainment arranged by the Korea MICE Bureau (KMB), such as performances by Korean traditional music artiste Gukak; B-boy group S-Flava; and a Korean musical. The group also enjoyed an exclusive K-POP performance at Yongpyong Resort in Pyeongchang, featuring Hallyu star, Min Kyung-hoon.

Over the course of six days, they visited attractions such as the Jade Garden Natural Arboretum in Chuncheon, Ojukheon House, and Gangneung Coffee Street.

This past year, KMB has been pushing to recover the Chinese incentive market, promoting new, Hallyu-related contents as part of its programme. Efforts have borne fruit, with official figures for the number of Chinese incentive travellers to South Korea in 2019 as of November estimated at 99,857, indicating an increase of 200 per cent year-on-year.


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