UFI asks members to lobby for exhibitions kickstart

UFI members were urged to build on the global exhibition association’s newly-released global framework for hosting exhibitions and trade fairs post-Covid-19, and present their adapted framework to the authorities to lobby for a license from their governments to resume such events.

Drawn up by a task force comprising UFI members, the framework “gives policymakers the criteria they need to confidently support the reopening of exhibitions by adopting these guidelines”, said the association in a press statement.

UFI urges associations to persuade governments to prioritise exhibitions as they are critical to national and global economic recovery

Recommended health and safety measures across all stages of event management were presented across five categories. These comprise ensuring personnel and personal safety, enabling physical distancing, increasing health and safety measures, implementing crowd control, and encouraging adherence to measures.

Suggestions across the various categories include allowing a longer time frame for tear-down, and using technology such as mobile app heatmaps and specially-designed wristbands to track attendees.

In the framework, UFI pointed out the importance of exhibitions in providing small- and medium-sized enterprises with an effective sales channel, which they said would help in economic revival post-Covid-19.

The association also called for exhibitions and trade fairs to be considered separately from mass gatherings so they do not face the same restrictions, as the density of people at business events can be better controlled.

UFI shared that it intends to add to the document by providing examples of best practices worldwide.

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