HRS and SGS establish new hygiene protocol for corporates


Global corporate lodging platform HRS, and inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS, have introduced a new cleanliness-focused programme for the hotel industry.

This will provide corporations and hoteliers with a defined standard at a time when property hygiene is the leading factor as corporations plan to send business travellers back on the road.

HRS and SGS aim to help hotels ensure their cleanliness and distancing investments pay off via accurate representation in procurement and shopping channels

Entitled Clean & Safe Protocol, it is based on a comprehensive catalogue of measures that includes recommendations from the World Health Organization the World Travel and Tourism Council, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as guidelines for meetings and groups as defined by the Research Institute for Exhibition and Live-Communication.

Measures include:

  • Improved hygiene services in public areas, guest and meeting rooms
  • Extended infection prevention measures
  • Guaranteed minimum distances
  • Implementation of revised training programmes for employees and suppliers
  • Regular control and monitoring, and
  • Other measures that illustrate consistent, recurring practices that enhance safety

Hotels first have to fill out an online self-assessment form, where hotel groups will be able to bundle forms for affiliated properties. With the necessary requirements fulfilled, the hotel then receives a “Clean & Safe Self Inspected” label on all HRS procurement and booking channels. Hotels can also use these channels to show the steps they are taking to enhance cleanliness and on-property distancing.

Next, HRS and SGS offer hotels the opportunity to have new measures inspected and confirmed via remote digital inspection or onsite by an SGS inspector. Upon passing the inspection, the hotel receives the “Clean & Safe Expert Inspected” label, which can be displayed on the hotel property and website. Hotels that have implemented their own measures and had them validated by an external audit partner will also receive the “Clean & Safe Expert Inspected” label directly with appropriate proof.

HRS will also display this label on its proprietary desktop, mobile and agent booking solutions, as well as on corporate online booking engines such as Concur and Cytric.

In a May survey of HRS’ corporate customers, 86 per cent of companies reported that they will only engage with hotels that have implemented revised specific Covid-19 hygiene measures.

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