JTB melds Kuoni and Tumlare into a global DMC

Three years after the joint venture between Kuoni Global Travel Services and Tumlare Destination Management, holding company JTB Corporation has finally integrated both into a single entity to establish a global DMC.

A press statement from JTB Corporation stated that Kuoni Tumlare will benefit from “Kuoni’s Swiss heritage, Tumlare’s Scandinavian roots and JTB’s deep history in Japan”.

Shinji Kamio, CEO, Kuoni Tumlare, added: “Kuoni Tumlare embodies the best of these companies: a stronger brand with richer expertise, the largest suppliers’ network in the group travel space, a broader destination portfolio and a more comprehensive offering.”

Adopting a destination-centric model, the new entity will serve retail and wholesale travel agents worldwide. It will leverage an existing network of local experts in European destination offices to handle all key operational tasks and deliver “higher quality, speed of response and operational excellence end-to-end”, noted the press statement.

“One brand and one global team mean a simpler way of working together, allowing us to focus even more on growth and customer satisfaction,” said Kamio.

Prior to this move, Kuoni Global Travel Services and Tumlare Destination Management had traded as separate brands in many global markets, although both operated as a single brand in Europe.

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