Leveraging gaming for online events

RADX was engaged by Excelpoint Systems to transform their trade conference from an offline event to a wholesome digital experience.

Hot idea
Marry gaming and virtual reality technology to bring about an even more immersive and interactive experience for online MICE events

Singapore-based software development and technology services company, RADX, created Asia’s first 3D virtual reality (VR) conference for Smart Connectech Asia 2020.

Organised by Excelpoint Systems, Smart ConnecTech Asia 2020 is a two-day event to bring together their business partners, customers and colleagues around the world.

The RADX VR platform enabled networking, product presentations and demonstrations, as well as the exploring of the exhibits. The experience was just like being at the physical trade event, and allowed interactive networking and engagement opportunities among the exhibitors, speakers and participants.

RADX 3D VR conference was developed from Unity, a platform for real-time, immersive, multiplayer experience. The platform showed promise and led to Analog Devices, and Rohde and Schwarz, to come aboard as key exhibitors.

“With the acceleration of large-scale online engagements, we can extend the 3D VR application to meetings, retail malls, tourism and even live concerts or performances,” said Leslie Han, partner and COO of RADX.

“Our VR solutions work with video conferencing or live streaming platforms to provide a 3D immersive with possible face-to-face interactions,” added Rob Chong, founder and CEO of RADX.

Transitioning the event to the VR platform has been a significant step in keeping business plans and developments on track in the pandemic period.

Next, RADX will be launching more online events like conferences, meetings, night bazaars and concerts to bring group participation back during the pandemic.

RADX will continue to work with event organisers to bring virtual reality experiences into physical events event after Covid-19.

The event area had to be designed and created from the ground up, for the user experience in VR to mirror their offline counterparts as closely as possible when at existing venues.

It took a team of 10 specialists across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam around five months to turn the vision into reality.

Event Smart ConnecTech Asia 2020
Organiser Excelpoint Systems
Dates September 9-10, 2020
Attendance more than 500 registered participants from over 15 countries

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