Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre unveils hybrid studio

A sample of a hybrid event setup

The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (the Centre) has launched a brand-new, one-stop virtual solution to deliver virtual and hybrid events.

This solution comprises brand new studios that have been fitted with production-grade audio and visual equipment, 400 Megabit of Internet bandwidth, two separate power supplies, a dedicated network backbone and a qualified team of technical experts to help in the setup, event production and technical design to live broadcast and streams.

A sample of a hybrid event setup

As part of the One-Stop Virtual Solution, the Centre also offers an interactive and immersive virtual platform that integrates livestreams and existing video hosting tools, including Zoom, YouTube and Vimeo, and is equipped with a systematic registration for attendees.

Depending on the event and client requirements, the Centre also offers other solutions such as a Command Centre.

Hybrid Studio packages start from RM23,200 nett (US$5,740) per day, while the Virtual Studio packages start at RM9,280 for a minimum of four hours.

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