FCM launches proprietary tech platform in China

The launch reinforces FCM’s strategic commitment to the Chinese market

FCM has rolled out its new proprietary technology platform in China, which features unique localised features and content developed specifically for the Chinese market and their traveller needs.

Working closely with Chinese business travel vendors, FCM will be able to offer content add-ons, integration or extensions to customers beyond what is currently available in the corporate travel space. They include content from airlines (especially non-GDS and low-cost carriers), hotels and online car booking, to all prevailing HR and expense management systems in China.

The launch reinforces FCM’s strategic commitment to the Chinese market

Calvin Xie, general manager of FCM Travel China, said: “Post-pandemic, we have seen an increase in requirements from MNCs and Chinese national companies to achieve flexibility in their travel programmes.

“Through joint efforts with these local players, we will continue to build our vision in making FCM a one-stop shop for customers, with the aim of equipping them with tools they need to manage a travel programme efficiently through one simple, powerful and effective experience. At the same time, we will continue to engage actively with our long-term travel partners like TravelSky, Concur, Cloud Helios and Airplus who are important to our Chinese customers.”

The platform will also provide seamless crossover between devices, air and rail comparison options, and self-service functions that include rebooking or changes in the itinerary. Travel managers will have access to a slew of solutions including greater travel policy control, comprehensive approval processes and heightened risk and safety controls. In addition, travellers will also be ensured of always available assistance, via live chat with an agent or via FCM’s mobile chatbot Sam which has evolved into a digital assistant across the entire platform.

Xie added: “China remains a critical market for FCM Travel globally and we have chosen to launch FCM Platform in China as we believe this new platform will benefit MNCs, national companies and business travellers significantly in this market.

“At the moment, there is a relatively low percentage of companies in China who uses a TMC to manage their travel programme. This is a clear signal that managed travel still has far-reaching opportunities in China. FCM’s new platform will be invaluable in enabling current as well as new customers to be highly agile in the ever-evolving travel landscape post-covid, as well as support them through their company expansion plans.”

FCM expects its first pilot customers to start using the platform in July.

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