Gopass scores more global travel industry buy-ins

More global travel industry companies are tapping the new Gopass Global pre-travel risk management platform to help their clients and staff plan Covid-safe travel in the post-pandemic world.

New user acquisitions in the past month include US-based corporate travel alliance Hickory Global Partners, which has more than 2,500 members; Lufthansa City Center, an independent franchise company in the travel agency market with 500 offices in 85 countries; and First Travel Group, New Zealand’s leading alliance of independent travel agencies.

Gopass Global can help users make data-informed decisions on Covid-safe travel plans

These acquisitions follow Sabre Corporation’s adoption of Gopass Global in June.

The platform distills risk factors relevant to a flight itinerary from 35 global data sources, in near real-time, including headline destination safety factors such vaccination rates, border restrictions, quarantine requirements and safety protocols. It also identifies the risks associated with trip routing, transit points, airports, airlines, aircraft type and even the choice of seat, and provides travel planners with a quantifiable risk score for each itinerary.

Gopass Global director of distribution, Dave Simmons, said: “Travel brands are quickly appreciating how our technology can help them navigate their way through the bewildering and ever-changing maze of information about Covid impacts on travel.”

Simmons added that as countries began to open up to international travel, employers and employees needed an objective and measurable assessment of the risk associated with any proposed itinerary. Maximum scores could be set as part of a company’s travel policy and complement existing duty of care programmes.

Acknowledging the value of travel risk data offered by the platform, Malcolm McLeod, CEO of First Travel Group, said: “Knowledge is power and if the initial reaction from our members is any indication, they can’t get enough of it.”

Simmons confirmed that Gopass Global will reveal more major signings in the coming weeks.

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