Nest Virtual Convention Center opens its virtual doors

A screenshot from the NVCC website

Nest Group Indonesia (NGI) has unveiled the Nest Virtual Convention Center (NVCC), the country’s first web-based virtual venue.

Although virtual, NVCC offers both indoor and outdoor areas. The indoor space has a total area of 135,000m2 consisting of a ballroom, exhibition hall, meeting room, and plenary hall, while the outdoor area measures 50,000m2. The virtual model of a venue was superimposed onto the platform with the help of virtual reality 360, and 3D web technology.

A screenshot from the NVCC website

On-site attendees can meet, network, and hold interviews directly on NVCC. When visiting a stand, attendees can also download and interact with exhibitors as they would in a physical event. Real-time chat, audio, and video calls help to ensure maximum user engagement and interaction.

On how this will benefit event organisers, Soegianto Husin, CEO of Nest Group explained that the virtual setup will help save on event costs, and cut down on preparation time without having the need to create a brand new website each time an event planner wants to hold a virtual event.

“If you have to build websites on a project basis, you have to pay for the venue design. Then you would have to pay for another platform on which the virtual event can be built open. For us, NVCC already is the venue, so we’re able to provide clients with all these services.

“We have also created many template designs for stages and booths, and clients just have to choose the one they want, which is included in one pricing,” Soegianto elaborated.

Eddy Mulyoto, founder of Empro production, shared his experience: “NVCC helps organisers deliver memorable experiences that the audience craves for, yet it makes the organiser’s work simpler because everything that’s needed to build a virtual tradeshow is already on the platform.”

“As long as organisers understand the event brief and know the detailed specifications of the client’s needs, organisers can deliver a unique experience in a virtual venue where attendees can meet new people, network, and interact as they would in real life.”

As for Donny D, managing director of Adcom Cipta Media, while he agrees NVCC makes it easier for event organisers to create and host virtual events, he hopes that there is enough bandwidth to successfully deliver numerous digital aspects of the event.

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