EventX acquires land in The Sandbox

The first event SaaS company to create event-focused metaverse space in Web 3

Asia-focused event technology company EventX has acquired an undisclosed amount of virtual land on the decentralised digital real estate platform The Sandbox to gear up for a metaverse shift.

The purchased virtual land will be used for building an event-focused digital world. It will allow event organisers to hold conferences and events, create virtual experiences to shift from Web2 to Web3 in light of the metaverse’s emergence, and prepare for a more digital future.

EventX is the first event SaaS company to create an event-focused metaverse space in Web 3

This move is in response to its EventX Metaverse & Event Trend Outlook 2022 report, which found that over 80 per cent of those surveyed agreed that holding events in the metaverse would bring a positive impact on their organisation’s revenue.

In total, EventX surveyed 1,500 event organisers and experts across large enterprises and small-to-media businesses in Asia about their views on event setting.

Other report findings include 70 per cent of those surveyed were planning to host hybrid or virtual events in the coming 12 months; and digital footprint for analysis, enabling digital transformation and provision of flexibility and variability being the first three most important elements needed for online experiences.

Respondents also rated Education & Learning, Employee engagement, Showcase, Entertainment streaming and E-commerce as the top five beneficiary sectors from running virtual events.

“Hybrid events are likely to overtake in-person events even in the post-pandemic world, and the world will expect more advanced technology to enhance the experience of going to an event. Striving for continuous growth, we will be ramping up our metaverse strategy to get our clients prepared for the new digital age,” said Sum Wong, CEO of EventX.

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