WADA awards 2025 World Conference to Busan

Busan aspires to become an international MICE city

The city of Busan in South Korea has won the hosting rights for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) World Conference in 2025.

The largest international event on anti-doping, WADA 2025 is expected to welcome more than 1,800 visitors from 18 countries and provide an economic boost of around 10 billion won (US$7.7 million) in both production and added value.

Busan (pictured) aspires to become an international MICE city

WADA is an international surveillance body that promotes fair competition by athletes participating in international sporting events such as the Olympic Games and the protection of their health and well-being. Its World Conference is held every five to six years, where current international anti-doping regulations are reviewed, and discussions are had to identify ways to promote fair competition in sports.

Busan’s bid was led by the Korea Anti-Doping Agency, in partnership with Busan Sports Council, Busan Metropolitan City, Busan Office of Education, and Busan Tourism Organization.

Previous host cities of the World Conference are Lausanne, Switzerland (1999), Copenhagen, Denmark (2003), Madrid, Spain (2007), Johannesburg, South Africa (2013), and Katowice, Poland (2019).

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