Tokyo gazettes five more unique venues

Umewaka Noh Academy Hall

Tokyo has added five unique venues to its roster, increasing the total number of sites for special business events in the Japanese capital to 73.

The new venues are Umewaka Noh Academy Hall, Garden Shinkiba Factory, Shibuya Tsutaya (QFront), Sumida Aquarium and Yumenoshima Park Archery Field.

Umewaka Noh Academy Hall

At Umewaka Noh Academy Hall, near Shinjuku, organisers can hold business events related to Noh, a classical dance drama dating from the 14th century. Up to 300 pax can watch a Noh performance, browse costume exhibits or listen to a lecture introducing Noh. Alternatively, the historic space can be reserved for concerts or fashion shows.

The Garden Shinkiba Factory, which opened in May 2021 on Tokyo’s bayside, is a studio with high ceilings and floor space of 1,300m2, making it ideal for product exhibitions or tradeshows. The studio can accommodate 1,500 pax standing or 750 seated while each of the two VIP rooms can accommodate 15 pax seated. There is also a lounge and terrace.

Shibuya Tsutaya (QFront), located at Shibuya’s world-famous scramble crossing, has two event spaces: the rooftop, for large-scale events such as fashion shows, and the indoor floors for small-scale seminars or workshops.

At Sumida Aquarium, which houses 7,000 creatures across two floors, event customisation is possible such as illuminating the aquarium when a floor is reserved. The larger floor accommodates 200 pax standing or 20 pax seated. As this facility is located in the same complex as Tokyo Skytree and within walking distance of cultural centre Asakusa, events here could be easily combined with sightseeing and other activities, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

A legacy venue of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Yumenoshima Park Archery Field can be used for sporting or non-sporting events. Organisers can choose demonstrations, experiences and lessons in archery or use the venue for shooting commercials or staged entertainment.

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