BESarawak surpasses 2022 targets; launches business events journal

The third Business Events Tribe Assembly concluded last week

Business Events Sarawak (BESarawak) has secured 94 business events in 2022, surpassing its initial target of 90 events.

Of the 94 business events, 81 business events have been assessed with a total of 570 impacts on the sector, economy, environment and political governance. Over the next eight years, Sarawak is targeting to attract 1,245 business events to the state.

The third Business Events Tribe Assembly concluded last week

This and more were announced during the third Business Events Tribe Assembly in Sarawak last week.

During the conference, Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah, minister of tourism, creative industry and performing arts Sarawak, also indicated that funding will be provided to BESarawak to develop a legacy and sustainable event centre. Necessary resources will also be provided to make business events more impactful to the community and greener for the environment.

The minister also launched the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Business Events and Legacies, an initiative by BESarawak to offer a multidisciplinary perspective that aims to disseminate knowledge about real-world issues in business events, with an emphasis on business meetings, tourism, and legacies.

The biannual journal is the world’s first to merge business events and legacy topics under one title, and is also the first journal in South-east Asia specifically for business events.

The first issue of 11 papers provides insights and knowledge into how global business event players are evolving and what impacts have been found until now, shared Amelia Rozima, CEO of BESarawak.

The objective of the journal is to widen the knowledge capacity of the global industry, ranging from practitioners and researchers to consumers and policymakers, by addressing real-world issues on business meetings, tourism, and legacies.

It is also in line with PCDS’s strategic thrust of optimising human capital and creating a competitive economy and BESarawak’s advocacy on legacy impact.

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