High energy start to 2023

Get teams functioning at their best for the New Year with bonding activities that may be fun or rejuvenating, and definitely enriching. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Leave something good behind in Bhutan
A retreat in the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary may sound like just an extravagant treat but the property, part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s Considerate Collection, makes sure to enrich the life of every guest during their stay.

Guests are encouraged to live in harmony with the surrounding forests and farmland on the remote mountainside. They can walk, hike and cycle around the Neyphu Valley, and partake in traditional wellness programmes.

Guests looking to leave a positive mark behind can support Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary’s partnership with Pack for a Purpose by contributing supplies to local families and animals, or sharing a meal with local farming families.

2. Work those arms and team spirit
The Tachikawa MICE association offers a meaningful whitewater rafting activity at Mitake Race Rafting Club in Ome City, Japan. This activity blends a powerful arm and core workout, teambuilding, environmental education and community work together for a memorable group outing.

This river clean-up invites corporate groups meeting in Tachikawa to come together to pick debris off the Tama River that runs through the Mitake Gorge. The activity is the brainchild of Daigo Shibata, a certified rafting instructor and an award-winning former member of the national rafting team. After witnessing the destruction of a 2019 typhoon left behind in Mitake Gorge, Shibata picked up his oars and went down the river scooping up any debris within reach. It became his Monday routine and eventually drew the attention of local rafters who turned the river clean-up into a popular activity for school and corporate groups.

3. Dive into an Okinawan forest
Join Yanbaru Nature School on an excursion of Yanbaru National Park in northern Okinawa to see the unique plants and animals that dwell within this natural landscape, and learn about their fragile and unique ecosystems. The half-day activity takes participants on a Gesashi River canoe tour, and a walk along the Gesashi River to observe the mangroves. Timings for the canoe course will depend on the ebb and flow of the tides.

4. Surf away to mind and body balance
Surfing enthusiasts have long claimed the therapeutic effects of the sport on their mental and physical well-being, and the science behind that is being studied by the US Navy for application to their service members who may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Whether or not the benefits of surfing are certain, corporate groups can be sure of a day of fun tumbling and riding the waves at Gyeonggi’s Wavepark. The need to focus on balance on the surf board is sure to take one’s mind off other concerns. Up to five teams of 10 participants each can take lessons together, and teambuilding goals can be built into the programme.

Opened in 2020, the massive water attraction also features a Surf Camp, which offers 14 luxury caravans and a VIP caravan for overnight stays.

5. Craft a toy for good
Toy Factory by Asia Ability is a meaningful and structured teambuilding activity with clear learning values. The activity starts off with teams being tasked with crafting a child’s toy from a bag of wacky wooden parts, guided only by a 3D blueprint.

Sounds easy? Not so. The clock is ticking, and their craft must pass a quality check. Furthermore, an innovative and educational game must be designed to go with it.

More than just a time-challenged craft session, the activity underlines the value of team management, and presents a meaningful finale – the toys and game materials are donated to a local children’s charity or home of the company’s choice.

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