Jakarta, City for MICE Synergy

International Relations Roundabout

Jakarta has transformed into a modern urban city to cater the needs of the citizens.

Jakarta has developed many infrastructures from airport, city toll roads, MRT, LRT and AC City buses.

Beside that Jakarta has built new investment for International Standard Hotels, Convention Centers & Exhibition Venues as well as Sports centres & International Standard Hospitals to cater the Global requirements.

Jakarta has also developed advanced IT & Telecommunications System to guarantee the high standard connectivity & communication including banking system.

As of the pandemic up to now, Jakarta has put a high standard for sanitation hygiene SOP which applies for the hospitality industry, commercial industry & other fields as a must common practices.

As a city of the Government Institutions seats, Foreign Diplomatic Missions & International Representative Offices, Jakarta put a high standards of Security to guarantee the safety & conveniences of the citizens & visitors.

Carrying the slogan of SYNERGY City, Jakarta has become a very ideal International MICE Destination in the Southeast hemisphere.

It’s a New MICE city offering an open business opportunities & investments through Conferences & Trade shows, blend with International standard of competencies ready to render the excellent services for all high valued delegates visiting Jakarta.

As part of the City Sustainability, Jakarta has implement Green Conference, prohibiting the use of plastic as much as possible and substitute them with tumbler or recycled paper.

Beside that we implement food management from pre ordering until food waste management as well as water recycle system.

Jakarta is known for its exquisite gourmet city with lots of seafood, fruits & other unique delicatessen.

Play Golf by the bay or by the mountain or just simply enjoy the sandy beach at 1.000 island resort for your pre or post event.

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