South Korea’s unique venues prove ideal for large-scale outdoor events

From a scenic island located in Gangwon-do to a premier cultural complex in Busan, the East Asia nation boasts a myriad of interesting open spaces which are able to host huge crowds

Busan Cinema Center can accommodate 6,000 guests at its outdoor theatre under a cantilever roof
Busan Cinema Center can accommodate 6,000 guests at its outdoor theatre under a cantilever roof

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Busan Cinema Center
Suitable for 6,000 pax (outdoor theatre)
Event organisers keen on an expansive outdoor venue with cultural significance can look to the Busan Cinema Center for their next event.

Well-known as the city’s premier film cultural complex where visitors enjoy exhibitions, movies, performances, and other cultural programmes, the venue is also home to the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Asia’s premier film festival.

Previously a host location for many international events, the centre comprises three buildings (BIFF Hill, Double Cone, Cine Mountain) and boasts the longest cantilever roof (Big Roof) in the world that stretches across from Cine Mountain to BIFF Hill.

The outdoor theatre, a key event venue, is located under the roof. At night, the LED lights installed on the Big Roof showcases a rainbow of colours to create a dazzling night scene for dramatic effect.

The outdoor venue can accommodate 6,000 guests and features a large screen and 5.1 channel surround sound stereo speakers, making it suitable for large events.

The Korean Cultural Theme Park’s Sandae Theatre can accommodate outdoor banquets of 500 guests

Korean Cultural Theme Park 
Suitable for 500 pax (Sandae Theatre)
The Korean Culture Theme Park allows visitors to experience the unique landscape and traditions of South Korea against the picturesque Andong Lake.

The park showcases traditional Korean culture, including the nation’s patriotic spirit, history as well as Andong’s heritage.

Event planners can opt to hold corporate meetings, exhibitions, and seminars at the Traditional Theatre, Seolhwa Theatre, and Righteous Army Command Centre which are hanoks, traditional Korean houses first designed and built in the 14th century during the Joseon dynasty.

Additionally, different outdoor events can be held at the Sandae Theatre, Bell Tower Square and Yeonmu Yard within the compound too. Sandae Theatre in particular, can host outdoor banquets of 500 guests.

Event organisers and planners can even capitalise on nearby tourist attractions to enhance their programmes too. They include the Dosan Seowon (Confucian Academy), Yekki Village, Gunja Village, Lee Yuksa Literature Museum, and Nongam Head House.

Nami Island is ideal for MICE organisers set on exploring a unique venue that can add a wow factor to any event

Nami Island
Suitable for 1,500 pax (outdoor stage)
Nami Island is a dream come true for MICE organisers set on exploring an unusual venue that can add a wow factor to any event.

A scenic island located in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, it was once only a desolate sandy isle. Through environmentally-friendly developments and beautification efforts, Nami Island transformed into a unique and beloved tourist stop complete with lush greenery, magnificent blooms, and artworks made of recycled materials.

The picturesque seasonal views can largely be attributed to the many different tree species on the island, such as metasequoias, ginkgos, cherry blossoms, and pine. Because of this, Nami Island is popular as a filming location for various TV dramas, movies and commercials.

Besides, there are indoor spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems island-wide, as well as an outdoor stage that can host 1,500 guests for receptions and has a theatre capacity of 1,000 seats.

The UNICEF eco-stage, with a theatre capability of 300, can accommodate about 500 people for events too.

Each year, various events sponsored or hosted by foreign embassies in South Korea, as well as international organisations are held on Nami Island.

Fe01 Upcycled Complex Cultural Space houses an outdoor stage where organisers can utilise to host 300 guests

Fe01 Upcycled Complex Cultural Space
Suitable for 300 pax (outdoor stage)

For organisers and planners looking to host events that are eco-friendly, Fe01 Upcycled Complex Cultural Space, with its green structures made from recycled building materials, will make an ideal choice.

The unique venue is also accessible in Ulsan, just an hour’s drive from Busan. Event attendees can even enjoy the sea view 10 minutes away by car.

Venue spaces include a conference room that can host 100 guests for a banquet and a rooftop space ideal for a turnout of 150 people.

There is also an outdoor stage where organisers can utilise to host 300 guests.

The interesting unique venue also boasts a donut cafe that has daily-baked pastries and visitors can also enjoy healthy homemade burgers made from fresh ingredients there.

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