China provides subsidies, seeks new markets in latest MICE effort

Zhang: cultivating brand new source markets

China’s comprehensive efforts, including the provision of subsidies, to revitalise its business events sector, are not only boosting demand but also expanding outreach to new source markets.

Eric Zhang, reservations manager of DTH Travel China (formerly Diethelm Travel) noted the recent influx of requests from the European and Russian markets, with prospects to develop the Latin American market.

Zhang: cultivating brand new source markets

European companies with branches in China hold big internal meetings yearly, and usually request excursions or tours focused on authentic local experiences, Zhang said.

Meanwhile, the growing interest from the Russian market, in particular, has picked up in China since last year.

“Overall, travel to China is in demand as many Russians come to seek new business opportunities in various fields,” he said.

Due to Covid-19, many companies in China, particularly those in foreign trade and import-export, shut down.

When China reopened last year, Zhang observed various city governments providing subsidy policies for large-scale exhibitions, although policies varied by city. Airports also actively restored direct flights from abroad.

Both the public and private sectors have also intensified efforts in participating and organising exhibitions and conferences, reinforcing China’s message of reopening for global travel.

Zhang noted that among business events, exhibitions have the highest demand as companies seek new avenues post-lockdown.

China hosts over 1,000 exhibitions of all sizes annually, including prominent events like the Canton Fair, Shanghai World Expo, and Auto China.

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