Third Amway Korea win for Empire

THE EMPIRE Hotel & Country Club, Brunei will receive its largest single booking for the year in November when it plays host to Amway Korea’s Leadership Seminar.

More than 2,400 top Amway Korea distributors will descend on Brunei in four waves, with at least 600 delegates each for a total of 16 nights. Participants will use the opportunity to share their experiences, review past performances and prepare for the future.

Desmond Acheson, general manager of the 518-room Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei, said it would be the third Amway Korea event hosted at the property. Amway Korea had used the hotel for its annual Diamond Invitational events in 2005 and 2007.

According to Acheson, the hotel was shortlisted in late 2010 as a possible venue based on the success of previous events, and was officially named host venue last November.

Held from November 10-26, the Leadership Seminar will fully occupy the hotel.

Acheson said: “Some adjustments must be made. We have contacted some of our regular guests who usually come during this time of the year to see if they were willing to shift their travel dates.

“We’re really excited about this event as it will attract more than 2,400 new visitors to the Sultanate, all of whom will act as our ambassadors upon their return. They will talk about us to their friends and, hopefully, their friends will decide to visit us.”

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