Amway China chooses Taiwan for 2013 incentive

YEARS after Amway China led its incentive group for the first time to Taiwan by cruise in 2009, the destination will once again welcome delegates from the company in 2013.

Apple Tours, the appointed DMC for the event, will fly 12,000 to 15,000 top distributors from China and Hong Kong into Taiwan in five batches, with each group spending five days in the destination.

The event will span from March 12 to April 1.

Amway Taiwan, corporate relations director, Nadia Ding, said the 2009 trip to Taiwan was “the first direct cross-strait sea transport in 60 years” between China and Taiwan.

“But on that trip our distributors spent most of their time on the cruise ship, and was only on land for a few hours,” she said.

“Mainland Chinese find Taiwan an attractive destination given the historical background and rich tourism resources. (Our programme next year) will be more of an FIT arrangement. Distributors are encouraged to explore Taiwan on their own.

“Instead of sightseeing or shopping, we have come up with six itinerary options that explore Taipei and other cities. One itinerary, for instance, offers a day trip to Kaohsiung or Tainan via high-speed train. With the help of (smartphone applications), distributors may travel around easily. Many itineraries also aim to showcase the nightlife of Taipei,” she added.

As some of the participants were on the 2009 programme, Amway China has arranged for different experiences in the coming trip. For instance, the 2013 event will feature a closed-door shopping party with celebrities in major department stores, as well as a bicycle tour around Taipei, a gala dinner with cultural performances in an outdoor camp site.

Participants will also be given taxi coupons in lieu of cash.

Ding complimented the Taipei City Government for approving the use of the outdoor camp site as well as the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for the business sessions.

“This saves us from having to demolish and reinstall venue set-ups, as five groups will arrive and depart separately over three weeks. Our key challenge now is to find ways to woo our sophisticated distributors of different age groups and interests,” she said.

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