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Bond may prefer his martini shaken, but celebrated cocktail master Javier de las Muelas shows that a stirred martini – a dry martini to be exact – can be as remarkable. In fact, if Bond was real, he would have to admit that de las Muelas’ gin and vermouth concoction was the most remarkable liquid to ever pass his lips – the master had spent 35 years to perfect this cocktail after all.

To take a swig of de las Muelas’ dry martini, one no longer need to travel miles from Asia to his award-winning Dry Martini bar in Barcelona. One only has to strut down to Four Seasons Singapore’s One-Ninety Bar by Javier de las Muelas.

Tucked away in a quiet corner on the hotel’s ground floor, the rejuvenated bar offers a handsome indoor space that is furnished with a long marble bar, plush seats and bottle-lined shelves, as well as Terraza, a lush outdoor seating area and cigar bar. The sophisticated setting makes it perfect for intimate business gatherings and celebrations, although full private hire is not allowed.

One-Ninety Bar by Javier de las Muelas also seduces patrons with a selection of classic and signature cocktails, such as the refreshing Frozen Apple Martini. Tantalising bar bites such as crispy calamari with lime and chipotle aioli and mini Wagyu sliders complete the whole experience.

Stop by from 08.00 to 01.00 or call (65) 6831 7671 for reservations.

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