Audi A3 Experience Days

Drama and surprise are a must, so is an unusual event venue for the Audi product launch. Uniplan  works its creative juices to deliver all that and more. By Prudence Lui

When German automobile manufacturer, Audi, decided to launch the new A3 Sportback in Hong Kong, it realised that the event would not be just a one-night launch party but the beginning of a brand awareness blitz.

Uniplan Hong Kong, an event and brand communications specialist, was engaged to handle this project. According to executive director for client services, Darren Chuckry, his key challenge was to identify a suitable location that could accommodate the massive two-week event.

Uniplan’s second challenge came in the form of Audi Hong Kong’s requirement to have surprise and drama for all visitors.

Chuckry said: “The target audience has been to all events in Hong Kong and is familiar with all the different venues, so it was a real challenge to surprise everyone with a fresh experience.

“Finding an unexpected location that can work on many levels and is flexible enough to accommodate a star-studded VIP launch for 500 pax, plus a series of experience days for 6,000 people, was the key (requirement) of the client.”

The idea of using the Kai Tak International Cruise Terminal came to mind.

Chuckry noted that the terminal was, at that point, still under construction.

“There were many hurdles to overcome, as it is a new customs area run by both a private management company and the Hong Kong government,” he recalled.

“But as it sat on the site of the old Hong Kong airport, Kai Tak International Cruise Terminal had all the facilities and logistics needed to accommodate the multitude of requirements listed in the clients’ brief.

“The internal area of the terminal is large enough to allow the required number of people to attend over several days. It also has areas that are suited for test drives and slaloms. It even has easy access to water, should we need that.

“Another added advantage was the panoramic views of Hong Kong skyline, which provided a great backdrop for some of the Audi Experience Days elements.”

On the day of the event, visitors were dazzled by visual and sensory stimuli at various areas, and a strong brand presence was communicated through a build-up of signage and presence of Audi-branded ground marshals.

Entertainment came in the form of live performances, a music video jockey, an Audi radio station with a DJ, live photographic backdrops and an Audi Breathing car display. There was also an Audi Cafe and Juice Bar.

A highlight was the live digital graffiti wall on which guest could design their own Audi-branded T-shirts and then print them out instantly. Later, the top 20 T-shirt designs were chosen and presented to the creators.

The interactive wall also provided a platform for guests to express their artistic prowess, as designs were relayed to the video jockey who mixed the artworks with music and put them on display.

The Audi A3 Experience Days turned out to be a tremendous success, according to a proud Chuckry. It welcomed more than 8,000 people who registered online to participate in the activities across the two weekends. More than 1,200 test-drives of the new A3 Sportback was conducted.

The VIP/launch night drew more than 700 guests and some 120 accredited press covered the event globally.

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