Come rain or shine

Uniplan’s sales & marketing executive, Mimi Wong, shows how her company battles Hong Kong’s capricious weather while holding Mercedes-Benz’s media launch outdoors

Event brief

It was in mid-March that Mercedes-Benz contracted live communications agency, Uniplan, to hold the launch of its new Maybach S-Class and S-Class Pullman models. Scheduled to happen in June, Mercedes was set on impressing the media and its exclusive clientele during the VIP unveiling of the new models. By the end of the month, Uniplan had begun preparing for the event, from creative concept through to production and event management.


The media launch would take place in a glasshouse atop Hong Kong Central Pier 4, which offers beautiful views of the harbour front during the day and a front seat to the Hong Kong skyline at night.

As with many outdoor events, the key challenge was to design and install a transparent marquee that could withstand the harsh outdoor conditions, which ranged from the blazing sun to Hong Kong’s infamous thunderstorms and howling winds during the typhoon season.

The fact that the event was held at the top of the pier meant that large set-ups such as the marquee and portable washrooms had to be lifted up to the pier using a crane.

In addition, we were limited to only four hours of crane usage daily and only at pre-determined times. 


The solution to our challenges lay in extensive pre-event planning. Prior to the launch, we designed contingency plans for different weather conditions to prevent any delays in the event. For example, we added weights to the marquee structure, designed to withstand up to Typhoon
Category 3.

During the event, Uniplan also carefully monitored the stand’s condition to ensure the comfort and safety of the guests and our team.

To overcome the crane issue, we cautiously designed the event to minimise large set-up structures in order to reduce lifting time. We also worked closely with multiple vendors to ensure all parties were aware of the working schedules to prevent delays in set-up time. 

Key takeaways

As the event was held outdoors at the top of a pier – not your everyday go-to venue – we learnt that it is absolutely critical for contingency plans in case of unpredictable weather conditions. Thorough pre-event planning and time management are just as crucial.
We also realised more than ever that clear and concise communication between all parties is essential for a successful and smooth event.

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