Tackling a gigantic gathering

A sudden doubling of attendance throws PEACH a logistic challenge, but the venue emerges unscathed. Paige Lee Pei Qi writes

Event brief

Pattaya Exhibition and Convention Hall (PEACH) was tasked to host over 6,700 delegates from World Ventures for a four-day business event that featured live theater performances and personal development sessions. World Ventures is a home-based direct selling company.


A last minute change in attendance more than doubled the original count of 3,000 delegates, and this occurred with just two weeks to go, recalled Vitanart Vathanakul, executive director of Royal Cliff Hotels Group and PEACH.

The result was a massive logistical challenge, especially in terms of crowd management and control, according to Vitanart.

In addition, accommodating F&B requirements for this large group, comprising of people of different nationalities and from diverse cultural backgrounds, was also a challenge.


To accommodate the newly inflated group size within the limited time frame, PEACH mobilised staff from different departments to work round the clock to facilitate venue set-up and achieve speedy turnovers.

Vitanart told TTGmice: “A lot of intensive meetings between all concerned departments in the property took place in order to set up a plan for accommodating this massive group successfully.”

The meetings sorted out facility allotment and manpower assignment.

To resolve the crowd control aspect, Vitanart: “With thousands of attendees arriving and leaving the venue at the same time, teams were formed and assigned to handle a specific area. To (keep traffic flowing), many entrances were provided.”

“A schedule was created with regards to the opening and closing of the doors during the group’s arrival and departure. All entrances and exits were utilised to facilitate an organised queue system, with security guards assigned to strategic locations to ensure guests stay in line,” he elaborated.

To tackle the food and beverage challenge, Vitanart said the chefs prepared a combination of food items that would satiate different tastes. Pop-up food stations serving a selection of snacks, sandwiches and hot or cold drinks were also placed all over PEACH for those who were feeling peckish in between meetings.

To feed almost 7,000 multiracial and multicultural attendees during lunchtime and dinner time, PEACH activated 11 onsite restaurants and arranged for special buffets that featured a dazzling variety of world cuisines.

Key takeaways

Looking back on PEACH’s planning and execution of the World Ventures event, Vitanart commented: “With very large groups in particular, clear and candid communication with the event organisers is critical, as is the need for a discussion on the venue’s house rules which can help prevent property damage by careless accidents involving event attendees.”


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