Heritage and culinary flavours collide

Plantaran Menteng

The dining scene in Central Jakarta has become a lot more exciting with the recent opening of Plataran Menteng in an area known for its elite residential living spaces since the Dutch Colonial period.

Plantaran Menteng

Plataran Menteng sprawls across 1,500m2 of land and retains the façade of an 80-year-old European-style building as well as an old mango tree that is kept standing in the centre of the restaurant. From what was once a single-storey building, the restaurant is now three storeys high and its glory days are rediscovered through an elegant, homely atmosphere.

More than just being aethestically pleasing, Plataran Menteng does well to satiate hungry bellies and discerning palates.

Its specialisation in fusion Indonesian cuisines inspired by Indonesian and Asian traditional recipes is apparent in dishes like Salad Putri Dewi and Sapo Terong Ikan Asin. The former is a local spin on the popular Thai papaya salad, but uses finely sliced guava, pomelo and baby tomato instead; the latter is a Chinese-style claypot of eggplant and salted fish.

Plataran Menteng’s exquisite settings make it suitable for corporate functions, from product launches to themed dinners

The first floor takes in two dining rooms and two private rooms, and can seat up to 120 guests in all.

The second floor houses two dining areas and five private rooms, three of which can be combined to form a larger space. The private rooms have a varied capacity of six to 100.

On the third floor is a cigar lounge and a 60-seat dining area with a bar and access to the rooftop. This area is suitable for more exclusive private events or pre-dinner cocktails.

Minimum spend applies to exclusive use of various venues.

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