New convention hall to enhance Palembang’s events potential

Palembang in Indonesia will get a new business events facility, the Bukit Asam Convention Hall (BAHC), in January 2018.

The convention hall is part of Jakabaring Sports City (JSC), a sports complex built for the 2018 Asian Games. It will have a capacity of 4,200 people, an indoor tennis court, a retractable roof, and a multipurpose hall.

A rendering of the hall that will boost Palembang’s meeting reputation. Credit:

JSC’s president director, Esti Adnan, said the convention hall is an integrated solution that can be used for congresses and other events such as sports meets or music concerts.

He stressed that facilities such as hotels, hospitals and a shopping mall will be built to support the venue, making JSC not just a sports hub but also a tourist destination. Access to BAHC will also be made easier via light rail transit from the airport and the city centre.

Irene Sinaga, head of culture and tourism office of South Sumatra, shared that as one of the 16 MICE Cities in Indonesia, Palembang gets “quite busy” with 54 local events per year. She expects that more local and international groups will be drawn to Palembang once the new convention hall is up.

Promotions are currently underway. For example, the government is in talks with event organisers in China to attract more business events to Palembang.

“We are also going to Japan to present the new venue and meet with event organisers this September,” added Esti.

Esti pointed out that a digital campaign is one way to promote BAHC, aside from continuously building networks with government institutions, the local authority, and sports venue organisers in greater Indonesia.

Iqbal Rudianto, chairman of the Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association South Sumatra Chapter, said Palembang also has the 4,000-pax Palembang Sports and Convention Centre. It was built in 1971 and renovated in 2010 for the 2011 South-east Asian Games.

“With BAHC coming soon, both venue managements, the government and the private sectors have to be more innovative and creative to bring more business to the city,” concluded Iqbal.

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