HKCEC spends US$3.9 million to upgrade Wi-Fi capabilities

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Management (HML) has kicked off a US$3.9 million project to rebuild the entire Wi-Fi system at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

The new Wi-Fi network will feature the highest standard IEEE 802.11ac wave 2, as well as a new 10Gbps fibre network backbone for offering superb signal stability to meet the data demand generated by large numbers of guests simultaneously using the network. It will deploy advanced high density Wi-Fi (HD Wi-Fi) solution provided by Cisco.

HKCEC has kicked off a US$3.9 million project to rebuild the entire Wi-Fi system

The US$3.9 million project will also involve installation of 660 new Wi-Fi access points, which will support more than 20,000 mobile devices with scalability. Resilient optical fibre network infrastructure will be installed, making it possible to scale up network bandwidth requirements to meet future demand and undergo system upgrades as technology advances.

The new Wi-Fi services will continue to be available on a complimentary basis.

The new system can support Location Based Services LBS technology, allowing organisers to utilise their mobile applications for improving customer’s experience. The LBS platform also allows organisers to analyse guest behaviours, improve crowd management and enhance guest experiences.

HML will be able to provide configurable bandwidth for individual organisers or exhibitors upon request, and offer premium services (paid pass) to visitors for additional bandwidth. The captive portal feature in the new Wi-Fi system will provide customised Wi-Fi landing page to offer promotion opportunities for events.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 3Q2018. The total area covered by the network will be 125,000m2, which will include all exhibition halls and function rooms, front of house areas, entrance lobbies and concourses, organiser offices and ancillary rooms, as well as restaurants.

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