Hilton rolls out programme to cater to rising demand for sustainable meetings

The demand for meetings with eco-friendly and sustainable elements, such as organic food and environmentally friendly amenities, are on the uptick in Asia-Pacific.

One of the main drivers is an increasing emphasis on healthy eating and well-being that is “top-of-mind” for millennial employees, said Rupert Hallam, Hilton’s vice president, sales, Asia-Pacific.

Hallam: wellness and well-being are increasingly important

He shared that elements such as relaxing spa corners, refillable glass bottles, and locally sourced food have been well-received by clients of Hilton’s Meet with Purpose programme.

Launched in June, the package offers aspects such as healthy morning yoga and stretch classes, sustainably sourced meals served on dishware made of recycled materials, and the option to join the hotel chain’s carbon emissions offset initiative.

In some Hilton hotels, such as Hilton Pattaya and Hilton Singapore, a portion of produce is grown in and harvested from in-house vertical farms.

Hallam added that, contrary to popular belief, there is no extra cost for the Meet with Purpose programme as compared to the regular meeting packages.

He also noted that sustainable and health-conscious events are not simply a trend but a movement, and may spur bigger changes such as more hydroponic farms within hotel properties, an increase in support for local communities, and greater farm-to-table awareness.

He predicts that, going forward, companies will begin to adopt an “employee-first” mindset that will propel the push for wellness and well-being in corporate meetings.

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