Singapore’s new Oakwood Premier plays up the soft side for today’s corporate guests

As companies shrink expatriate packages along with overseas posting duration, long-staying corporate guests are increasingly turning up at serviced apartments alone and for shorter periods.

This trend has led Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, which opened mid-2017, to focus on offering services that keep guests occupied during their free time.

Liang: need to adapt to today’s corporate guests

Speaking to TTGmice in an interview, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore’s general manager, Roy Liang, who has seven years of experience launching high-profile serviced apartments in South-east Asia, observed: “In the past, corporate staff tend to go for much longer overseas postings of three years or so, and therefore would relocate with family, putting up in rented houses. These days, companies have cut expatriate packages and posting durations to just one- to three-months, thus removing the need to provide for accompanying family, international schools and other lifestyle fees. For such shorter arrangements, serviced apartments fit right in.”

With more personal time on hand, corporate guests are better able to focus on attaining their desired work-life balance, Liang noted.

To help guests along, the 268-unit property is working with WorldTrainer, a global network of personal trainers that allows clients to access a quality personal trainer wherever they go in the world.

Explaining this sports initiative, Liang said: “One of the biggest gripe among frequent fliers is that work trips disrupt their wellness regime. WorldTrainer ensures clients have access to a quality personal trainer at their preferred schedule and pace no matter where they are, be it in Singapore today or Bangkok tomorrow.”

Liang is expanding the property’s sports offering with a potential partnership with Aqua Spin, a fitness company specialising in water aerobics, that will bring classes right into his infinity pool. He aims to finalise this by the end of November.

Besides sporting activities, Liang said Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore’s hardware is also “designed for the corporate staff of today”. He described them as being more independent and wanting the ability to plan their life easily using digital tools.

“We have tailored our services and faciities to cater to these needs. In all our apartments we have a Samsung tablet and Samsung mobile phone which guests can take with them when they head out into the city. Phone calls are charged a market rate, and a loaded Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore app introduces them to the vicinity and allows them to request for services – such as fresh towels or room service – without having to speak to anyone, if that’s what they prefer,” he said.

Facilities-wise, Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore boasts an all-day dining restaurant, which serves a full breakfast, an infinity pool with a serene pool deck, an executive club lounge, and a poolside BBQ pit.

Various facilities are also open for corporate event hire, such as the 12-seat boardroom, the lounge, The Bar and the poolside BBQ pit.

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