Evenesis sees stronger demand for facial recognition tech


Event planners in the region are opening up to facial recognition technology which allows delegates to register, print their badges, chat with each other and participate in live polls at events and conferences.

Launched last week at AIME, the facial recognition check-in suite by Malaysia-based Evenesis has already racked up interest among Asia’s event planners, said Yusno Yunos, CEO, founder of the company.

Yusno: Australian planners are still “shy” about facial recognition technology

“After we first spoke about this solution in Penang, we’ve gotten interest from parties in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia,” revealed Yusno. Clients include several Malaysian PCO such as Place Borneo and Crystal Edge, and Singapore DMC like CWT Events.

The suite is slated to debut at the end of this year with enhanced uses, such as entry into the event building itself.

Such technology is able to contribute to a better event experience for attendees, opined Yusno. Besides automatic check-in and badge-printing, the facial recognition suite also allows organisers to detect and analyse delegate emotions in order to craft a more effective event.

Moreover, the machine is able to recognise a more diverse range of facial features, a capability that Yusno observed not many solution companies in South-east Asia can offer.

As the product kicks off, data protection and privacy is an emerging concern, noted Yusno. He asserted that delegates’ pictures will not be stored, and are instead processed as “data points” or pixels.

He shared that while the technology has “really bright potential in South-east Asia”, it received “shy” reception from Australian organisers at AIME.

He said: “Australian planners I met have heard about facial recognition, but they’ve not actually experienced it at an event. However, technology adoption here is very fast as compared to in South-east Asia, so I’m confident that if we push this here, it will take off faster.”

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