Egencia launches new data, analytics tools

A screenshot from Egencia Analytics Studio

Egencia, the business travel arm of the Expedia Group, has launched the Egencia Analytics Studio, a data visualisation system.

Analytics Studio enables travel managers to explore the data visually, look at insights, and be able to identify new sources of savings and optimising expenditure across the various travel categories – air, hotel, train and car.

A screenshot from Egencia Analytics Studio

It will be a consolidated view through visual renderings and customisable widgets, with various angles and filters, such as the ability to visualise the impact of advance purchase in correlation with policy and travel typology (international, domestic, transborder, etc.).

This comes at a time where current TMC reporting systems require travel managers to spend hours searching through multiple files to merge rows of offline and online data to obtain actionable insights, often requiring support from data specialists.

“We live in a world where data is everywhere, but it’s only useful when you can turn data into actionable insights,” said Alex Kaluzny, chief technology officer, Egencia.

“Understanding the data and using it to make decisions that benefit your business is just the beginning – we continue to evolve the Egencia Analytics Studio to bring the power of predictive analytics to our customers.”

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