HRS to digitise Airbus’ global hotel programme


Global hotel solutions provider HRS has been selected by Airbus to oversee the digital transformation of its hotel programme.

HRS was chosen by Airbus to manage its global hotel negotiations and ensure the right content flows seamlessly into existing booking tools and new mobile applications. Beyond sourcing and booking, HRS and Airbus are working together to implement virtual payment for travellers for the totality of its preferred hotel properties.

Raggge: HRS shares the goal of increasing use of digital solutions for all traveller functions

With HRS virtual payment, travellers no longer need to use personal or corporate cards at the hotel as expense reports for lodging are done automatically.

“The trend is clearly leading in the direction of digital solutions. Data transparency, cost efficiency and traveller satisfaction are today’s challenges that we solve with our solutions,” said HRS’ CEO Tobias Ragge.

“Corporations are taking a closer look at the value of outsourcing versus traditional hotel programme management. Given today’s corporate hospitality arena – with digitisation, fragmentation and globalisation driving increased complexity – companies need a truly customisable model, and we are taking the lead.”

HRS is already engaging with global hotel chains, smaller groups and independent hotels on Airbus’ behalf for 2019 rate negotiations, with preferred hotel suppliers required to accommodate Airbus’ virtual payment initiative.

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