Events wanted for Lhong 1919 in Bangkok

Zhaoyang Court

The latest unique venue making waves in Bangkok is the Lhong 1919, a restored steamship terminal-and-warehouse complex that recalls the early days of Thailand’s Chinese diaspora.

Built in 1850 by Phraya Phisansuppaphol, the Sino-Siamese heritage site now offers shopping and dining options amid a riverside garden setting. Lhong 1919 is also the home of Mazu, the Chinese sea deity, dating back to early 18th century. Her shrine sits at the heart of the compound.

Lhong 1919 offers five indoor and outdoor spaces for a myriad of corporate events. The smallest space Fu Lu Shou, at 270m2, costs 100,000 baht (US$3,152) for use, while largest is the 1,900m2 Wanglee Garden, which will set event planners back by 500,000 baht.

Special rates will be offered for bookings of more than one venue. Various space arrangements can be made, ranging from a banquet setting and food stall concept, to an outdoor concert and theatre-style event.

However, clients have to hire their own catering and F&B providers. Should clients wish to cater from nearby internationally-branded hotels such as The Peninsula Bangkok, Lhong 1919 can also help to make the necessary arrangements.

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