Let’s meet in the gardens

Pattaya’s latest attraction is beckoning meeting planners, enticing them with an opportunity to meet differently – outdoors and among pretty blooms.

Flowerland Pattaya, opened in December 2018, is located in Map Prachan Lake in the eastern part of the Thai resort town. Spanning 16.2 hectares, it is said to be the largest garden in Pattaya.

The attraction displays a wide range of flora from tropical locations as well as cold countries. Highlights include the viewpoint zone which has an iconic bridge where visitors could take photos, an aquarium and four domes housing plants from temperate lands. There is also a large fountain that dances to lights and sounds, creating spectacular 3D shows.

Flowerland Pattaya welcomes venue hires, and allows its outdoor areas to be transformed into platforms on which to create corporate events and activities, such as conferences, meetings and teambuilding programmes.

The cost of hiring venues at Flowerland Pattaya start from 5,000 baht (US$156) for the small meeting rooms, up to 85,000 baht for both indoor and outdoor spaces, excluding F&B cost. Should F&B be required, the garden will also be able to make suitable arrangements.

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